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In 2015, case sales increased only slightly year over year, yielding a 5.9 billion market, according to the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA).

But while overall beer sales showed only modest growth, the demand for craft beer grew dramatically.

The most valuable upgrades are those that reduce forklift travel, increasing speed and decreasing labor.New Class 6 tractors or smaller trucks are well-suited for city delivery.Distributors may also consider making investments in trailers that can move larger volumes of product to the retailer.To create efficiencies in operations, improve safety and reduce breakage and labor costs, distributors may want to capitalize on advances in automation and technology—such as automated warehouse equipment (e.g., Vertique systems) or voice pick systems.Furthermore, new technology may yield greater efficiency in accounting and logistics.

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The vast increase in the number of SKUs demands new efficiencies and technologies, and each distributor’s equipment needs may be different.

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